Another product of Sadid Business collection with Sadid Business brand is PVC flooring in 40×40 cm tiles, which has been marketed under the Sadid Business FLOORING brand with various stone and concrete designs. Due to its high resistance, easy maintenance, anti-moisture, easy repairs and reasonable price, PVC flooring is very popular compared to many other materials for use in residential houses, health centres, medical centres, commercial places, shops and offices. A suitable choice can significantly reduce costs and at the same time modernize and double the beauty of the space.

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Property of PVC Flooring

High durability of PVC flooring

Polyvinyl chloride is actually a type of plastic and has a very high resistance to temperature changes, wear and friction.

Waterproof flooring

Unlike wood and laminate flooring, PVC flooring is perfect for wet places. This product is 100% waterproof. And this feature makes it very suitable for different spaces as home or office.

Anti-fire flooring

Sadid Business flooring has a very high resistance to fire and heat. This feature is especially important in the kitchen and environments where the possibility of fire and hot objects falling on the floor is very high.


Walking on the PVC floor does not produce any sound and is very quiet. This feature is especially important in apartments, office and educational environments. In addition, PVC flooring absorbs sound to a significant extent and thus prevents its transmission.

Energy saving

PVC flooring helps to conserve and save energy by preventing heat loss and transfer.

Anti-insect and anti-bacterial

Plastic flooring has antibacterial properties and bacteria cannot grow and reproduce on its surface in its texture. Also, unlike wood parquet and laminate, insects are not attracted to it and are unable to damage it.

Variation in design and color

Sadid Business PVC flooring, in various designs and colors, is suitable for all types of interior design styles. The high color variety of our products is compatible with all tastes and makes your choice easier.

Resilience of PVC flooring

Sadid Business flooring has very high flexibility and unlike stone, tile, wood parquet and laminate, which are prone to breaking, it does not break in any way due to impact.

Easy installation of PVC flooring

Installing this modern flooring is much easier and faster than traditional options. For installation, only a surface substructure is needed and the flooring sticks on it.


In case of fire, Sadid Business flooring does not catch fire and only burns in itself and eventually extinguishes quickly.

The price of PVC flooring

The price of PVC flooring is much lower and more economical than stone, wood parquet and laminate parquet. In fact, this modern flooring is very popular due to its cost-effectiveness and durability.

Appearance beauty

Sadid Business products simulate all types of wood, stone, marble, etc. With the development of PVC flooring printing technology, it has been simulated from natural material in many cases.

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Reviews of Sadid Business customers

All Sadid Business products are produced in Oman. Sadid Business factory is located in Muscat industrial town.

Sadid Business’s product portfolio includes flooring, wall covering and PVC parquet, which will be expanded in the future.

Parquet laminate is produced from compressed wood chips, while the main material of PVC flooring is polyvinyl chloride.

No, this material is installed on the floor with glue. Installing PVC flooring is often easier and less expensive than stone and tile.

Yes, Sadid Business PVC flooring can be washed with conventional detergents.

No, one of the properties of PVC flooring is it’s self-extinguishing. It means that it does not spread the fire and does not kill the flame; it only burns in itself.

Sadid Business flooring can be installed in almost all indoor spaces, including office, commercial and recreational environments.

Due to the waterproofness of Sadid Business products, Sadid Business flooring and wall coverings can be installed in all areas, such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.

Due to the use of PVC and first-hand additives, Sadid Almashregh’s flooring comes in the color of PVC itself, which is white. The use of first-hand materials has increased the durability and quality of Sadid Business flooring.