PVC parquet

Sadid Business Company, succeeded in producing PVC parquet with Sadid Business brand for the first time in Iran. PVC parquet is one of the newest products in the world in the field of interior decoration, which can only be produced using the most advanced technologies in this field. Excellent resistance, waterproof and scratch-proof and economical price are the advantages of this knowledge-based product. Also, Sadid Business PVC parquet, like laminate parquet, can be installed using the click system and without using glue.

Property of PVC parquet

Great durability and longevity

Due to the use of pure and quality materials


Resistant to water and high humidity

Scratch resistant

Has anti-scratch coating

Quick and easy installation

No need for glue

Easy repair

Easy replacement due to easy click

Economical (Affordable) price

Against laminate and wooden parquet


Even after installation


Anti-termite and vermin

کفپوش پی وی سی

Unlike laminate and wooden parquet, SPC parquet is 100% waterproof. It is very easy to maintain and wash. PVC parquet is installed using the click method and is silent. After installation, it can be moved to a new place.

Sadid Business PVC parquet is perfect for different parts of residential houses, including reception, kitchen. Also, this parquet is an ideal option for commercial and office buildings.

پارکت پی وی سی
پارکت پی وی سی

Our sales and technical experts are ready to answer and guide you, dear friend

All Sadid Business products are produced in Oman. Sadid Business factory is located in Muscat industrial town.

Sadid Business’s product portfolio includes flooring, wall covering and PVC parquet, which will be expanded in the future.

Parquet laminate is produced from compressed wood chips, while the main material of PVC flooring is polyvinyl chloride.

No, this material is installed on the floor with glue. Installing PVC flooring is often easier and less expensive than stone and tile.

Yes, Sadid Business PVC flooring can be washed with conventional detergents.

No, one of the properties of PVC flooring is it’s self-extinguishing. It means that it does not spread the fire and does not kill the flame; it only burns in itself.

Sadid Business flooring can be installed in almost all indoor spaces, including office, commercial and recreational environments.

Due to the waterproofness of Sadid Business products, Sadid Business flooring and wall coverings can be installed in all areas, such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.

Due to the use of PVC and first-hand additives, Sadid Business’s flooring comes in the color of PVC itself, which is white. The use of first-hand materials has increased the durability and quality of Sadid Business flooring.