Sadid Business Wall Panel Products

Sadid Business Co , a subsidiary of Akhtar Plast Sepahan Co, is one of the top manufacturers of PVC wall panel in the Middle East, which has provided a part of the region’s needs in the field of PVC wall panels with the name and brand of Alper. In the past years, it exported a huge part of its products abroad such as Oman, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, etc. You can place your order for various types of PVC wall coverings at reasonable prices and with very high quality for various purposes and receive them in Oman in the shortest possible time.

دیوارپوش پی وی سی


Due to its smaller width, 20 cm PVC wall covering is more beautiful than other types

Anti-insect and anti-bacterial

The PVC panel has the advantage of being anti-insect and anti-bacterial, so that the consumer can confidently buy and install this product at his place of residence and work.


Alper wall covering with more than 50 different designs and colors, with high flexibility and the ability to install in different models.


This type of wall covering can be installed in the first stages after the construction of the walls, and as a result, they will eliminate other common costs such as the cost of implementing materials such as cement, tiles, white plaster and paint.

Wall panel sizes

PVC wall coverings are classified based on size, width and appearance, which can meet a wide range of customer requests. Sadid Business Company with Sadid Business brand is a manufacturer of wall coverings in size 30 cm. 30cm PVC wall covering has a better beauty due to the appropriate width, and at the same time due to the standard width, it includes a faster installation speed.

دیوارپوش پی وی سی

Wall panel applications

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Advantages of Sadid Business wall panel

All Sadid Business products are produced in Oman. Sadid Business factory is located in Muscat industrial town.

Sadid Business’s product portfolio includes flooring, wall covering and PVC parquet, which will be expanded in the future.

Parquet laminate is produced from compressed wood chips, while the main material of PVC flooring is polyvinyl chloride.

No, this material is installed on the floor with glue. Installing PVC flooring is often easier and less expensive than stone and tile.

Yes, Sadid Business PVC flooring can be washed with conventional detergents.

No, one of the properties of PVC flooring is it’s self-extinguishing. It means that it does not spread the fire and does not kill the flame; it only burns in itself.

Sadid Business flooring can be installed in almost all indoor spaces, including office, commercial and recreational environments.

Due to the waterproofness of Sadid Business products, Sadid Business flooring and wall coverings can be installed in all areas, such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.

Due to the use of PVC and first-hand additives, Sadid Business’s flooring comes in the color of PVC itself, which is white. The use of first-hand materials has increased the durability and quality of Sadid Business flooring.