Sadid Business Company is proud to offer a product to the market that is competitive with similar European products and has passed all necessary laboratory tests with an experienced staff and advanced laboratory equipment as well as with European raw materials. Also, our desire is to convey all the current information of the world to the assembler colleagues through our staff of experts by providing periodical training.
The biggest goal of Sadid Business is to become a “known company with global standards” and a strong and impressive presence in the domestic and foreign markets. To achieve this goal, we will put priority on our main goals, which is the satisfaction of all our partners, including customers, consultants, employees, suppliers, and anyone who does business with us.
Currently, the biggest responsibility we bear is to ensure the quality and safety of the products and services we provide to our customers. we belief it since the founding of Sadid Business. Customer satisfaction is the most important goal of our company. We will strengthen our quality assurance system by prioritizing customer’s trust and by accepting customer’s dignity as a good opportunity for progress and become a company that meets customers’ expectations and their trust.
In Sadid Business, the quality of products and services, growth the moral cooperation, collective efforts and relying on the abilities of individuals to participate in the success of the entire organization are of great importance to all of us.
I wish that our values, as gaining customer satisfaction by providing service and creating added value with innovative solutions, honesty and trust, paying attention to the growth of employees, and commitment and loyalty to the organization, are more than ever reflected in our organizational culture and have an effect. Observe this culture in our organizational behavior.
CEO of Sadid Business

The first manufacturer of white back PVC flooring