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What is the best office flooring? Guide to buying flooring for office

For buying office flooring, appearance and performance should be taken into consideration.

And each room has a different function, some floorings probably won’t work for your entire office. What works for the lobby probably won’t work for the kitchen.

To choose office flooring, you need to go room by room and choose materials that match the function of each space, match the color scheme of your environment, and fit within your budget constraints.

Lobby and reception

Durability and design are points when choosing a suitable flooring for your office lobby. The lobby is the first thing that customers and different people with different tastes will see. Therefore, your reception area flooring should make a good first impression. It should also be able to handle a high level of foot traffic without showing it and be high traffic. For this part, you can use stone, laminate parquet, PVC flooring, etc., but stone, wood parquet, and laminate are expensive, difficult to clean and maintain.

The new product of office flooring is PVC flooring, which is beautiful and efficient for lobby and reception. This type of flooring in different designs and colors will allow the customer to choose it more easily and the remarkable thing about this product is that it is easy to wash and easy to maintain.


The floor of the office room is considered to be more soundproof, heat and also suitable for the business and the amount of traffic.

PVC flooring is sound insulating and energy saving, which means it does not pass heat or cold in different seasons and conserves energy. In this situation, the best option for suitable flooring for rooms is PVC flooring.

Suitable flooring for the conference room

Conference rooms are the setting for important meetings with employees, customers, and potential stakeholders. For this reason, design in conference rooms cannot be ignored. Your choice should make a good impression and match the overall design aesthetic of the room. Although durability should always be a consideration when you want to choosing flooring, it is less important for conference rooms because they have less foot traffic compared to the common areas of your office, and design and harmony should be your primary concern.

Stone, wood parquet and laminate can also be used in this area, such as the lobby and reception, but still PVC flooring has a significant advantage due to its diverse design, sound insulation and flexibility.

Flooring suitable for kitchen

When you want to choosing the flooring for the kitchen of the office, Prevent slipping, food spillage and be waterproof should be taken into consideration. The kitchen flooring should also be cleaned, maintained and repaired because greasy and food spills are common and constant cleaning is necessary in the kitchen.

The unique features of PVC flooring are waterproof and acid-proof, which makes it the best choice for office kitchen. It is very quick and easy to clean and can be repaired at the lowest cost.


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